Hello! I'm Shelby, the creator behind Hardware City Yarn Co.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, but found my way to New Britain, CT only as an adult. New Britain's nickname of Hardware City comes from the settling of the city by manufacturing companies and their workers. I wanted to honor that history when I chose the name of my new business. My husband and I were drawn here not only for the rich industrial history but also for the wonderful diversity in it's peoples. We settled into a Craftsman style bungalow and in the spirit of the city, we've been doing a lot of work improving it and making it our own. My goal is to positively contribute to this beautifully unique community!

In my daily life as a public librarian, I get to interact with people from all walks of life. My experiences with the public have shaped who I am as a person and as a creator.

I didn't find knitting and crochet until recently, but have fallen completely in love with creating beautiful clothing and textiles, combining colors in unexpected ways, and now finally creating those colors for others to create from.

I'm so excited to create for you all and see all of the beautiful things that can be created from them!